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Sixpence Reprints comprise a specially-selected catalogue of musical works representing a cross-section of great vocal works that should be in every serious singer's repertoire.

Representing a variety of genres, some pieces will be very well-known while others have been hard to find.

Designed to make great music both affordable and accessible to students and professional performers, Sixpence Reprints are beautifully printed in concert (9 x 12) sizes and durable, yet practical, editions that will be treasured additions to your musical library for years to come.

Sixpence, Inc. will continue to develop this area of its musical offerings in the coming year. We encourage you to check with us for new products.

Ballade des gros dindons
An amusing setting by Emmanuel Chabrier of Edmond Rostand's homage to "the fat turkeys". With piano accompaniment.
Caro mio ben
Giuseppe Giordani's beloved arietta. A song of pining and devotion to a lover. In two vocal ranges with piano accompaniment.
Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile
17th century Italian composer Francesco Durante's spirited invitation to the dance. In two vocal ranges with piano accompaniment.
Hector Berlioz's setting of the Théophile Gautier poem of longing. With piano accompaniment.
La Procession
César Franck's solemn processional. Lyrics by Charles Brizeux ("The Lord draws nigh across the fields.") With piano accompaniment.
Nocturne (for voice and piano)
César Franck's hymn to the beauty of night. With piano accompaniment.
Non posso disperar
A haunting 17th-century song by De Luca. In two vocal ranges with piano accompaniment.
Per la gloria d’adorarvi
Giovanni Battista Bonocini's beautiful love song from "Griselda". In two vocal ranges with piano accompaniment.
Pietà, Signore!
A lovely prayer from the 17th century by composer Alessandro Stradella. In two vocal ranges with piano accompaniment.
Vergin, tutto amor
A beautiful 17th-century prayer by Italian composer Francesco Durante.In two vocal ranges with piano accompaniment.


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