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Sixpence, Inc. will consider plays and musicals for production and/or publication.  The following guidelines generally pertain to both, however, you should be very specific in your cover letter whether you are submitting your work to us to consider for publication, for production, or for both. 

While we will consider new works, we generally prefer plays or musicals that have been "production tested" in either a staged reading, a workshop reading, or a full production.  Works for the stage typically undergo revisions during the rehearsal process, allowing a chance to "work the kinks out."  If your play has not yet been produced, your time and energy may be better spent first pursuing a production rather than publication. 

In any case, we can not stress enough the importance of always sending a well-proofed manuscipt in final form.  We will not read first rough drafts.  Please make sure your play or musical is properly formatted.  We highly recommend using a script formatting program such as Final Draft.  Do your homework:  look at published scripts and musical libretti and emulate their formatting.    Some excellent guidelines for standard formatting for your play script can be found online at http://www.chameleontheatre.org/newplay/playformatting.html. Go the extra mile:  hire a professional typist and proofreader, if necessary, to assure you are submitting your best work in correct final form.  Make sure that your script is easy for us to read!

Use 8.5" x 11" white paper typed or printed on one side only, using black ink.

Standard copier paper is acceptable.  

Manuscripts should be securely bound.  The simplest way to bind a script is with standard "Term Paper Covers."  These are made of soft cardboard or plastic and have built-in brads.  Whatever kind of cover you use, make sure it's designed to enclose any sharp parts of the metal binder (brads, Acco fasteners, etc).

Playwrights should include a cover letter including the play's genre, estimated duration, cast size, synopsis, production/ script history, and reviews, if applicable.  When submitting a musical, include the score or a compact disc (CD) of all the songs that are in the script. All submissions should include brief biographical and professional information about you, including previous publication and production history.  Please remember to always keep a copy of everything you submit and never submit to us original artwork or  irreplaceable materials.

At present, we do not accept email submissions or submissions in any electronic format (except, of course, CDs that accompany musical scores and scripts).  Send one copy of your script only.  Do not send more than one script at a time: flooding us with your work will not be to your benefit.

Submissions and queries without a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) will not be returned or answered.

We do not track receipt of submissions.  If you would like confirmation that your materials have been received, please include a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your submission. This postcard will be returned to you before your submission is evaluated, as proof that your submission was received.   

Remember:  Always include a (SASE) of sufficient size and postage if you wish your manuscript and any accompanying material, including CDs, returned.   If you do not include a SASE, we are not obligated to return your materials.

Please be advised that Sixpence, Inc. evaluates all submissions we receive, and this evaluation process typically takes four months to six months from the date of submission.

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a solicitation of any manuscript, artwork, transparencies, or other material. Submission of any unsolicited materials shall be done at the author/illustrator's own risk of loss or damage.

If you feel your work fits our publishing or production program (or both), please forward your manuscript and accompanying materials to Sixpence, Inc. at this address:

Sixpence, Inc.
PO Box 1894
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY  10113

Please do not phone or e-mail to check on the status of your query or submission.

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